Online Print Preview for z/OS

View and control the output of OMC-PRINT managed jobs awaiting print through the OMC-VIEW online print preview facility.

Preview Host Output and Print Jobs with OMC-VIEW

The OMC-VIEW interface for OMC-PRINT provides an online, interactive solution to view and manage the output of OMC-PRINT controlled jobs in the JES spool. OMC-VIEW users have the option to immediately determine if the output awaiting print is satisfactory or desired, and can elect to confirm or abort print processing.

mainframe diagram

OMC-VIEW provides full interactive control of print disposition directly from the online viewing interface and includes forward and backward spacing, find commands, copy capabilities, and fully customizable viewing security for all output processed.

Through OMC-VIEW, busy IT departments can easily “right-size” hard copy print processing, by utilizing the OMC-VIEW online method to determine the output which should be discarded, further processed, or proceed to print.

Evaluate OMC-VIEW in Your Shop – See for yourself how OMC-VIEW will increase productivity in your z/OS environment.
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