Route and Print Host Output Anywhere with OMC-PRINT

Leverage powerful, versatile host print management, with high performance spooled output routing directly from the JES spool to local and remote VTAM print devices with Tone’s OMC-PRINT.

OMC-PRINT serves as the high performance backbone of the OMC enterprise-wide routing and printing strategy, working in conjunction with OMC-VNI to incorporate application output management and OMC-TCP/IP to extend host output routing, printing, and viewing to Client / Server platforms, applications, and printers anywhere in the distributed environment.

Whether your networks are SNA/VTAM, TCP/IP, or other protocols, the OMC-PRINT suite of solutions enables all users to deliver host output and print to the most convenient and cost-effective server, queue, or printer across the network.

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OMC-PRINT is a comprehensive host print management solution including:
High Performance Design

OMC-PRINT routes all output directly from the JES spool to target print devices, without respooling, copying, or staging the data.

The OMC-PRINT direct routing design results in dramatically superior print performance and these important data center benefits:

Comprehensive Control of Output and Devices

The on-line OMC-PRINT Command Display Facility (CDF) provides an interactive user interface under TSO, CICS, VTAM and ISPF with full support for split screen and command line processing. The CDF also includes dynamic on-line status displays, and comprehensive facilities to control print jobs, print devices, and overall network configuration.

The optional OMC-VIEW facility enables OMC-PRINT users to preview job output on-line prior to printing, and includes browse, copy, requeue, delete, and print confirmation capabilities to fully control output processing.

OMC-PRINT job selection is based on any combination of standard CLASS/DEST/FORM or external writer name, and spool data sets of any record length or block size can be processed. The OMC-PRINT Auto-Install facility allows output to be directed to previously undefined print devices by simply specifying the new printer with the job. OMC-PRINT automatically defines the printer and routes the output to the correct target device.

Advanced Output and Print Processing Facilities

OMC-PRINT shares printers with other applications and fully supports GDDM, SAS/GRAPH and APL character sets. OMC-PRINT processes IPDS data streams directly from the spool to facilitate Advanced Function Printing and also provides a full DS-PRINT replacement facility. Customized banner pages, full checkpoint / restart capabilities, and FCB / UCS support are included for complete print processing flexibility.

OMC-PRINT provides a unique MVS Console emulation facility enabling authorized users to view the MVS master console and issue JES and MVS operator commands directly from the CDF at any workstation. A standard SAF interface provides full OMC-PRINT external and internal security, with customized access and control of specific functions by individual user.

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