Produits z/OS Output Management
Route and Print Host Output Anywhere with OMC-PRINT Leverage powerful, versatile host print management, with high performance spooled output routing directly from the JES spool to local and remote VTAM print devices with Tone’s OMC-PRINT. OMC-PRINT serves as the high performance backbone of the OMC enterprise-wide routing and printing strategy, working in conjunction with OMC-VNI to incorporate application output management and OMC-TCP/IP to extend host output routing, printing, and viewing to Client / Server platforms, applications, and printers anywhere in the distributed environment.
Comprehensive z/OS to TCP/IP Print Routing Solution Optimize host printing strategies by extending mainframe z/OS output routing and printing to economical and convenient IP network printers with the OMC-TCP/IP printing option for OMC-PRINT. Extend z/OS Host Printing to IP Network Printers Using the OMC-TCP/IP extended print routing option, any output residing on the JES spool can now be routed via OMC-PRINT by standard CLASS, DEST, FORM, WRITER NAME criteria for subsequent printing on convenient, cost-effective TCP/IP printers on any platform throughout the enterprise.
Online Print Preview for z/OS View and control the output of OMC-PRINT managed jobs awaiting print through the OMC-VIEW online print preview facility. Preview Host Output and Print Jobs with OMC-VIEW The OMC-VIEW interface for OMC-PRINT provides an online, interactive solution to view and manage the output of OMC-PRINT controlled jobs in the JES spool. OMC-VIEW users have the option to immediately determine if the output awaiting print is satisfactory or desired, and can elect to confirm or abort print processing.
z/OS Application Output Routing and Management Dynamically remove print overhead and hard-coded print device limitations from TP monitors and applications such as CICS, IMS and DB2, without reprogramming or changing the application, with the OMC-VNI Virtual Network Interface. Extend Flexible Output Management to z/OS Applications The OMC-VNI Virtual Network Interface extends comprehensive print management to legacy applications by automatically routing transaction and application output destined for a specific print device directly to the JES spool for subsequent printing via OMC-PRINT.