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File Transfer Auditing, Alerting and Automation

Many corporations would not even notice a breach because they do not have the tools or the processes to detect a breach.
In addition, even if they should become aware of a breach they would not be able to reliably determine exactly what information had been accessed.
Sentry Analytics™ monitors FTP activity across the enterprise and records the activity in a secure location.
It can tell you who accessed what information whenand from where — all at the click of a mouse.
IT staff gains visibility to FTP activity enterprise- wide and are able to monitor system health as well as identify exceptions immediately.

Sentry Analytics™ provides the controls to monitor and audit FTP activity as well as detect and investigate suspicious activity.
Sentry Analytics™ ensures Audits and Breach investigations can be performed instantly and are accurate, comprehensive, timely and cost effective.
The exposure to breaches is magnified exponentially when sensitive files remain exposed on servers longer than they need to.
As users often forget to delete their files, many breaches happen long after a file was uploaded.
Most enterprises lack the FTP automation capabilities to manage file retention.
Sentry Analytics™ helps reduce exposure and prevent data breaches by providing an automation framework capable of detecting uploads of sensitive files and removing files automatically after successful transfer.
sentry analytics
How Sentry Analytics™ works
Remote Monitoring Agents are deployed on distributed platforms (Linux, Unix, Windows etc.) as well as IBM z/ OS Mainframes and provide real time FTP usage data to the Real- Time Monitor. Sentry Analytics™’s Real Time Monitor interfaces with Remote Monitoring Agents to monitor FTP activity across the enterprise and records the activity in a secure location for audit purposes. It also monitors the health of the Remote Monitoring Agents and can generate an alert when an agent becomes unresponsive. Sentry Analytics™ Desktop, a Windows application, can tell you who accessed what information when and from where. The Alert Center allows you to define alerts for a variety of user defined events including uploads of sensitive data, transfers to destinations outside the corporate network, failed transfers etc.

The Automation Framework enables you to initiate actions based upon events that have been detected, such as deleting files after successful download, notifying business partners of failed or interrupted file transfers etc.

Sen­try Ana­lyt­ics™ ensures Audits and Breach inves­ti­ga­tions are:
In addition, Sentry Analytics™ prevents breaches by detecting sensitive files not belonging on exposed servers and minimizing the time frame legitimate files reside on a server by removing them after a successful transfer.
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