Produits     Optimisation and Space Management Cross Sysplex Manager – CSM
z/OS Application Output Routing and Management

Dynamically remove print overhead and hard-coded print device limitations from TP monitors and applications such as CICS, IMS and DB2, without reprogramming or changing the application, with the OMC-VNI Virtual Network Interface.

Extend Flexible Output Management to z/OS Applications

The OMC-VNI Virtual Network Interface extends comprehensive print management to legacy applications by automatically routing transaction and application output destined for a specific print device directly to the JES spool for subsequent printing via OMC-PRINT.

Routing transaction output through OMC-VNI frees the transaction from print processing, reducing user wait time and improving response time, transaction speed, and user productivity. Because OMC-VNI utilizes OMC-PRINT’s printer pooling facilities, output destined for a busy device can be automatically rerouted to an alternative device, avoiding transaction delays.

OMC-PRINT’s comprehensive output control increases user productivity, and time saving error recovery enables users to recover output in the event of printer error, avoiding transaction reruns and lost output.

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