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A MUST even according to the latest state-of-the-art development New procedures like disc mirroring or the usage of almost failure less devices may minimize the physical failure possibilities but the potential danger of logical mistakes (created by software faults or third party products) still exists. Not to forget, the tremendous growth of your data entails an increased demand of management for the storage manager with no additional time available. Automated instead of manual.
Routine works take precious times are often troublesome and are therefore at the bottom of the to-do-list.
A number of practice-oriented functions support you in your catalog management during regularly reoccurring tasks such as renaming of disc, removing or joining of catalogs. CIM does all this for you in a simple, fast and secure manner.
Backup / Recovery
The most important reasons to decide for CIM :
CIM» was developed out of the day-to-day business
CIM» very simple installation and integration into your catalog concept
CIM» is programmed in state-of-the-art technologies
CIM» significant performance advantages vs. all other solutions
CIM» provides unique functions
CIM» optimizes not only IDCAMS but uses mainly the DFSMS or OS390 internal system facilities
CIM» s a tool for catalog maintenance and fast, secure and problem less backup and recovery
CIM» online reporting of all catalogs and catalog information
CIM» very user friendly through ISPF interface
CIM» is open for individual customer requirements and developments
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