Replace TSOPLUS and Unsupported STEPLIB Tools Painlessly

Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx solution provides a transparent, easy-to-deploy replacement for the TSOPLUS software no longer supported by CA (now Broadcom), as well as other unsupported STEPLIB tools and shareware.

STEPLIB-Rx is the expert solution to manage and automate dynamic allocation of STEPLIB libraries to save time, reduce maintenance, and save system resources. Using STEPLIB-Rx, the STEPLIB configuration can be altered dynamically at any time to any new configuration, or to access any application within a user’s ISPF session.

z/OS Shops Must Take Action to Replace Unsupported STEPLIB Tools…

Many z/OS mainframe installations must now take action as they approach the end of their legacy maintenance terms for the CA TSOPLUS software, which was deemed “end of life” by CA Technologies in 2010.

Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx solution expertly fills this void with an easy to deploy, transparent TSOPLUS alternative that replaces key functionality of the TSOPLUS product, including the STEPLIBX Dynamic STEPLIB allocation capabilities, the on-demand application facility – ODAs, and extended allocations.

Replace TSOPLUS Painlessly with STEPLIB-Rx Conversion Aids

Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx solution includes utilities to seamlessly transition the existing TSOPLUS environment to the new STEPLIB-Rx technology by intelligently translating the existing STEPLIBX allocations imbedded in numerous CLISTs and REXX Execs throughout your environment.

Using STEPLIB-Rx, users avoid the error-prone task of editing and converting existing allocations, and eliminate the need to perform time consuming, complex manual conversions or re-implementations. As a result, the transition from TSOPLUS to Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx is painless for the busy systems programming staff, and transparent to the TSO and ISPF user communities of busy z/OS shops.

Further, STEPLIB-Rx provides the critical TSOPLUS replacement functionality in one cohesive solution, simplifying installation, migration, and ongoing maintenance of the z/OS environment.

Increase User Productivity and System Efficiency

STEPLIB-Rx removes the allocation of STEPLIB datasets from the LOGON procedure, reducing the need to manually update and maintain numerous TSO Logon procedures, and eliminating repetitive LOGON and LOGOFF actions to switch between test and production environments or applications. As a result, STEPLIB-Rx provides key benefits including:

Test Multiple Software Versions Side by Side with STEPLIB-Rx

STEPLIB-Rx enables authorized users to concurrently run multiple copies of identically named reentrant load modules, each in a separate ISPF screen. Through this unique capability, users can significantly speed upgrades of key applications and tools, such as QMF, DB2 or SAS.

Simply adding the RENT keyword to your existing STEPLIB-Rx command invocations is all it takes to gain access to multiple copies of the same load modules from different libraries on different ISPF screens. Users can then easily test new releases and multiple software versions side by side with current versions.

Fully Supports all Levels of z/OS

STEPLIB-Rx is certified and supports the latest z/OS operating system releases. In addition, SMP/E-based compliant installation and maintenance is provided for STEPLIB-Rx.

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