Sentry Armor ™

Avert­ing Intrud­ers and Mali­cious Employees

FTP is a prime tar­get for intrud­ers as well as mali­cious employ­ees and con­trac­tors. Tools and tech­niques used to gain access to FTP servers are widely shared even amongst ama­teur hack­ers. Tens of thou­sands of hack­ers have taken the time to cre­ate and upload instruc­tional videos on how to attack FTP and post them on polu­lar sites like YouTube. That these videos amass hun­dreds of thou­sands of views shows how pop­u­lar FTP attacks are.

Some of the main rea­sons are:

  • FTP allows an intruder unlim­ited logon attempts

  • FTP is wide­spread use in every com­pany, but with­out cen­tral­ized management

  • Most enter­prises are unaware of the pro­lif­er­a­tion of FTP in their network

  • The lack of aware­ness leads to a lack of mon­i­tor­ing tools to detect or pre­vent attacks

  • The risk of detec­tion is min­i­mal due to the lack of monitoring

  • New meth­ods dras­ti­cally reduce the num­ber of attempts needed to obtain a password

Sen­try Armor™ detects attacks AND actively blocks the attacks in real-​time while alert­ing IT staff of the attack tak­ing place.