ProcMan – The Handover Process Manager

New or changed program packages have to be moved from Test to Production. Such a change includes not only the programs themselves, it also includes the JCL, scheduler definitions, and datacards almost every day. Every organization has their specific rules, the objects must be adapted to the requirements of the target system. In addition, legal provisions require the full traceability of all actions. Possible organizational architectures may vary from simple systems with test and production on a single CPU to complex „multi-room systems” with special testing machines, integration platforms and separate production environments for several clients.

ProcMan is an answer to the special needs of a production oriented environment: The transfer is controlled by user friendly dialogs, JCL and scheduler definitions are automatically converted and archived. A modern architecture is just as natural as many extra features such as integrated reporting and cross references.

– Automatic checking and conversion of JCL according to rules, e.g. change all dataset names from TEST.* to PROD.*, insert account parameters automatically and so on

– Selection and editing of the objects with “easy-to-use” dialogues, e.g. different TWSz dialogs for developers and production planners

ProcMan allows you to create, modify and delete the following objects:

– JCL (Jobs and Procs)
– Scheduler definitions (TWS z/OS, TWS distributed)
– „Ad hoc“ Job requests (TWS z/OS, TWS distributed )
– SYSIN (Datacards)
– Customer’s own objects (e.g. operator instructions, FTP definitions, output management definitions)
– Files (PS, VSAM, GDG)

The architecture is modern and tailored to the special needs of z/OS oriented data centres:

– Flexibly adaptable to different organizational forms
– Open data model using DB2
– Supports typical standards like RACF and LDAP
– REXX based rules (for JCL)

– Custom forms for handover of “other” systems, (e.g. CA-7, Automic, Control-M, DB2, etc.).

The technical environments involved can be extremely diverse, and can range from simple “Test to Production” systems on a single CPU to higly-complex environments with separate infrastructures.

Modular, Secure System

ProcMan provides full change control for scheduling.

The ProcMan design is highly adaptable to any z/OS environment:

  • JCL syntax checker is built-in

  • A web-based portal to all functions

  • Flexible and adaptable scripting

  • Open data model using IBM DB2 for z/OS