Cross Sysplex Manager – CSM

CSM controls every data access to remote devices (disk/tapes) and executes them synchronously.

As a result there a new ways to access data that didn’t exist before , especially over CPU-bounbaries.

CSM works synchrounously, wich means that every event, that can occurr while accessing data (e.g D37,S013 ,S91) is treated like it is know to the system the job is running on.

Naturrally this includes remote security checks wich validate if and how data is allowed to be accessed.

Advantages Cros Sysplex Manager – CSM 
  • No check-ups and waiting periods necessary to see results

  • Simplification and protection of complex production processes without complex asynchronous receipts

  • In contrast to asynchronous data processing, results can be reacted upon immediately

  • No product specific programming language Easy integration into existing procedures

  • No training necessary

  • Easy to understand and detailed error messages

  • One additional copy step to be omitted

  • Saves storage

  • High level of automation

  • Improved quality of software maintenance

  • Just one logon necessary

  • Good overview of disks

  • Takes care of access rights regardless of the security system in use

  • No additional utilities necessary

  • Saves CPU-time

  • An additional utility-step is obsolete

  • Saving of dasd space

  • Easy to maintain, since utilities are kept current by z/OS

  • Saves money for hardware and “shared tape“- software solutions

  • Keeps recovery-environment current

  • No sequential data processing necessary

  • Version- / Release-updates across sysplex boundaries

  • Central system control and system management