IWS/WebAdmin – The Web Interface to IWS z/OS, to monitor and manage the LTP and the CP:


Most IWS users use the IWS z/OS ISPF interface. It is fast, reliable and easy to use, but it has one big disadvantage: It is designed for IWS experts

For all other users ISPF itself is simply unacceptable. In addition, the ISPF interface does not allow access to multiple IWS subsystems at the same time.

IWS/WebAdmin z/OS is the solution for both problem areas. Production planners and controllers can easily work on multiple IWS subsystems, and also other personnel can access IWS data via an easy-to-use Web interface.

IWS/WebAdmin comes with an integrated database which is automatically synchronized with the AD and CP of all IWS systems. This provides answers to complex queries and the creation of multiple report types and graphics (barcharts and netplans) – without impacting the IWS subsystems in any way

Areas of application

IWS/WebAdmin is the program of choice for anyone responsible for Production Processing:

• Production planning

• Production control

• Application programmers

• Anyone who requires information about IWS z/OS


• Modify Applications in AD

   • Insert, modify and delete Applications, Run Cycles, Operations and Dependencies

   • The modifications are first stored only to the internal database. An administrator or any other authorized user can load the changes back to IWS at any later time

• AD and CP analysis

   • Fast queries, e.g. which jobs are planned between 10:00 and 12:00

   • Graphics (netplans and barcharts)

   • Special resource usage

   • Critical path

   • Based on actual or “historical” plan

• Simulation and Forecast

   • Recalculation of the critical path to verify changes and/or based on historical run times

   • “what if” scenarios

• Status Monitoring

   • On whole business process or job level

   • Notification in case of late or error jobs

• Work on CP and LTP

   • Display, modify, delete

   • Insert ad hoc jobs